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“The strength of our company lies in our ability to understand what our customers need, and then provide them with solutions and equipment to meet those needs."
— Shawn
“I love the challenge of learning new systems and being able to troubleshoot problems that other companies may not be able to solve.”
— Dan
Founded on Excellence

Founded in 1990, Archie Communications is a full service company that was founded on the principle of excellent service. At Archie, we understand that businesses need to be operational 24/7. That’s why we provide comprehensive solutions that enable you to keep your business voice and data communications system running. From design and installation of new technologies to servicing existing and older model telecom systems, we help you manage your system while also making it cost-effective.In addition to creating and maintaining your system, we also believe in service after the sale. When you purchase a system from Archie Communications, we will train at your site, on the equipment you purchased, and with a schedule that accommodates your employees’ work hours and needs.


Shawn Archambault

President and Chief Executive Officer

Shawn has a long history of offering personalized services and customized solutions to customers. While attending college, Shawn worked in the travel agency industry, first in the data department and then moving upward to handle purchasing responsibilities before becoming a regional operations manager for a nationwide travel company.


With his expertise in telecommunications as well as data storage and transfer, Shawn subsequently formed his own business, Archie Communications, Inc. Over the past 25 years, Shawn has dedicated himself to listening to his customers and then crafting solutions that meet both business needs and budgets.


Dan Sebelski

aka "The Phone Guy"

Dan has been Archie Communications’ dedicated IT & networking specialist since the company was founded. A communications specialist and well decorated certified telcomm technician since the mid 1980s, he first jumped into the telecommunications industry with his brother, Dave.


Introduced to design, installation and repair of telecom systems, he became fascinated with identifying connectivity solutions for business customers. A firm believer in continuing education, Dan actively works to learn and understand the latest phone and telecommunications systems so that he can keep up with the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry.


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