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Product Solutions

Our highly qualified staff is certified in the installation, repair and maintenance of multiple telecommunications products.  We offer products for those DIY customers, or Archie can be a full service telecommunications company.


We also serve as your comprehensive resource for premier telecom equipment, including cabling, surge protectors and back-up battery systems, video surveillance, cable management storage products, & more.


Take a look at our product listing below. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call (636) 938.4326.


Telecommunications Systems
  • NEC

    • SV8100, SL1100, IPK I & II Series

    • Electra Elite 48/192

    • DS1000 & DS2000

    • DSX 40, 80 & 160 Series

    • and more!

  • Avaya

  • Allworx

  • Comdial

  • ESI

  • Nitsuko

  • Nortel

  • Panasonic

  • Samsung

  • Toshiba

  • Vodavi


VoiceMail Systems
  • NEC

  • InMail, IntraMail & Unified Messaging Systems

  • VoiceGate and more!


Server Room/Data Center Designing
  • Conversion Services/Solutions

Bulk Cable
  • UTP Stranded Cable

  • Shielded Cable

  • Plenum &  PVC Cable

  • Telecom Cable

  • Coaxial Cable

  • Combo Cable

  • Speaker Cable

  • Riser Cable

  • Outdoor Burial Cable


Fiber Optic Systems
  • Fiber Optic Cable

    • single mode fiber, multimode fiber, duplex fiber, simplex or duplex single mode fiber

  • 2/6/12 Strand Distribution Cable

  • LC/SC/ST/FC type connectors

  • …and more!


Network & Patch Cables
  • Cat 3, Patch Cables

  • Cat 5 Patch Cables

  • Cat 5e Patch Cables

  • Cat 6 Patch Cables

  • Fiber Optic Patch Cables

  • HDMI, RCA, & VGA Component Cables

  • Teleco, 110, Prewired Amphenol Cables


Power over Ethernet
  • Networking & Wireless Bridges

  • Dual Band Routers

  • D-Link Ethernet Switches

  • Hubs, POE, Access Points, Repeater, Accessories…and more


Surge Protection & Battery Backup Systems
  • AC /Data Line Protection, 400EN-750VA and higher

  • Replacement Batteries

  • Battery Backup Systems in Rack Mount, Desktop & Freestanding Tower Styles

  • Network/Server Surge Protectors (TAA) Compliant

  • Smart Pro Line Systems for extended run times


Cable Management Products — Racks, Cabinets & Specialty Enclosures
  • Accommodating all dimension requirements

  • 19’’ Standard Racks, 2 & 4 Posts Systems

  • Freestanding or Wall Mountable Systems

  • Open Frame Freestanding Racks or Fully Enclosed Systems

  • Wall Mount Racks Units 1U-4U (Stationary & Portable Styles)


Accessories: Shelving; Solid-Vented Front and Rears Access Doors/Panels; Ladder Racks; Runway Support Kits; Rack Mounting Hardware; J-Bolts/Tee Splice/Corner Clamp/End Caps; Cooling Kits; Locks; Latch Duct; Flexible Finger and Solid Raceway; Single or Dual Channel; Horizontal and Vertical Wire Management; Vertical Channels & Organizers; Grounding Bus Bars… and more.


Telecom-Cable Termination
  • RJ11/RJ45 Cat 3, Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat 6 Ethernet Jacks and UTP Termination

  • Modular and 110 Punch Patch Panels

  • Telcomm Flush & Surface Mount Faceplates

  • 50 Pair 66 Blocks, Standoff Brackets and Covers

  • Bridge Clips, Prewired Telco Connectors


Video Surveillance
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Security and CCTV equipped to handle Varifocal & Fixed Lenses

  • Housing and mounts of all shapes and sizes.

  • Access Control Products, Control Panels, Card Readers, Electric Door Hardware, Exit Control Button and Magnetic Locks

  • DVR’s 4/8/16 Recorders, Switched, and Multiplexers, Monitors and accessories.


  • Firestop Sleeve Kits & Putty

  • Conduit–EMT Thin Wall, Fitting & Accessories

  • Liquid Seal-Tight Non-Metallic Flexible

  • Corrugated Loom Tubing-PVC

  • J-Hooks, Cable Hangers and Mounting Brackets

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