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Our Services


As an end-to-end Network and Service Provider (NSP), Archie Communications can help design the architecture and then implement, manage, and support a comprehensive telecommunications network in one or multiple locations.


  • Business Phone Systems (New & Refurbished) Telecom Equipment

  • Telecom Repair and Replacement Services 

  • Network Cabling Installation for Voice, Data, Video and Audio

  • Digital Media Streaming Visual Communications Systems  (VOD)

  • Video Conferencing Equipment and Installation Services

  • High Voltage Wiring Consultation and Outsourcing

  • IT Installation / Computer and Management Services

  • Video Surveillance Equipment  and Cabling

  • Cable Management and Conversions, New or Existing  

  • Overhead Audio Systems, Music On Hold, and Paging Solutions 

  • Desktop Lifecycle Services

  • Wireless Integration


Our team is knowledgeable about older and newer telecom systems, enabling us to repair and maintain existing networks while also handling new installation or upgrades to the latest technologies.


Commercial/Business Telephone Equipment & Sales
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) System & Services

    Reduce Cost, Automatic Call Distribution, PC Attendant, Instant Unified Messaging, PC Assistant, Highlight Dial, XML Open Interface Support, Secure Mode, E911 Compatibility, Mobility/Bluetooth Solutions, SIP Compatibility, Remote Intuitive Programming Interface and more.

  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking Services & Solutions

    Effortlessly stream multimedia, voice, video, & web conferencing

  • Hybrid Digital Key Systems

    Highly Flexible, Digital Display Phones, Analog & Digital Trunking, Analog Stations (modems/fax machines/analog headsets), Unified Communications, Cell Phone Integration, SIP Wireless, VoIP Integration advantages on most systems, and more

  • Voice Mail Systems & Auto Attendant Services and Solutions

    Unified messaging converting voice mail to email, Integration Systems, VoIP Auto Attendant, Virtual Receptionist Features and more

  • Cloud Computing Technology Services and Solutions

    Learn the financial benefits while improving operational and productivity efficiencies.

  • Telecom Provider Cut Over Services

    Manage LEC-Local Exchange Carrier providers to minimize service disruptions for AT&T, Charter Communications, Windstream and more

  • Equipment Parts & Repair Services
    All makes & models


Structured Ethernet LAN Network Cabling & Connectivity
  • Voice & Data Network Cable Installation

    Furnish and install EIA/TIA low voltage communications requirements and performance standards. Assure flexibility for future MAC (Moves, Adds & Changes)

  • Cable Certification Tests

Cable certification tests and printed results

IT & Networking Solutions
  • Custom Built PCs & Servers

  • Firewalls & Internet Security

  • Repair, Troubleshooting & Data Recovery

  • Virus/Spyware Detection & Removal Services

Audio Cabling & Equipment Music Solutions
  • Music Sources
    Amplifiers & Power Supplies, Ceiling Speakers, Speaker Enclosures, Zone & Volume Controls, Push to Talk Microphones, Audio Systems for all types of applications including Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, & Hospitality, Business Offices and more.

  • Music on Hold
    MP3-USB Memory, Internet IP & Remote Load or On Hold Information Apps

  • Telecom Paging
    Indoor-Outdoor Speakers, Weatherproof Horns, Loud Speakers, PTT Microphones

Video Conference Equipment
  • CCTV
    Coaxial RG11, RG59, RG6, RGB
    Quad Shielded & Braided Cabling
    BNC & F-Type Connectors
    …and more! Call us for details



Full Service Design & Transformation Solutions for New or Existing Systems


Archie Communications can originate and design new network areas as well as modify and transform your existing IT Network, Server Room, or NOC Centers to increase and improve efficiency.

  • Define and determine objectives, maintainability and scalability to facilitate networking expectations.

  • Plan for predictive & preventative electrical and mechanical faults in which components must be repaired or replaced.

  • Design visual and departmentalization systems for maintainability and growth.

  • Remedy electrical and low voltage usage, evaluate security access, resolute data backup and storage solutions, ventilation and cooling equipment, cable pathways overhead and raised floor access points, vertical & horizontal wire management solutions, entrance line protection, grounding, battery power backup systems and more.

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